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Now that I produce a video each Friday on my YouTube channel, Mike Peace Woodturning I no longer update this list. Go to my YouTube channel to see the complete list.

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  1. Hi Mike, I thought that I had posted a comment when I was in Virginia, but it apparently didn't go through. My internet there is very iffy, as I'm in the mountains. I took your class on a Thursday at Mann Tool in Columbia, because I was headed up to the mountains the next day. Anyway, I enjoyed it thoroughly and got a lot out of it. I would recommend you as a demonstrator, instructor to anyone.Thanks for the class

  2. Mike. I just read a review on the EZ "Pro" Threading Jig by John Keeton. In it, he said that you had also reviewed the jig. I haven't been able to find that review on your blogspot. Can you post it or e-mail it to me? If that's not practical, what were your thoughts on it? Waaaaar Eagle!!! Rod M

  3. Actually, the review was due to be published in Woodturning Design in the next issue. But then it went bankrupt. Oh well. I submitted it to Fred Holder for his on line magazine.
    The short review is that it works well and good value for a hobbyist that wants a jig for occasional use. If I was doing production boxes and could justify the extra costs, I would prefer the Baxter jig. There were some manufacturing quality control issues in the beginning. Sometimes a chuck would not thread on to the nosepiece. But I think the US distributor got those resolved.

  4. Sorry I've taken so long to answer you back. You said to email you and you would send me some information about your going to be in North or South Carolina either this year or next. I forgot the school you would be at. I think it was a Folk School or something. I just would like to meet you sometime and watch you turn in person. My email is: .

  5. Thanks for all of the resources; they are very helpful.

  6. I was wondering how did u set up your neon transformer so it would work on the wood thank you for your time

    1. Watch my video on Making a Lichtenberg Woodburner. I have a post on it a few months ago.

  7. How about a short video on the dust collection system attached to your lathe? Getting the hose into the right position is a challenge and it appears you may have made a jig to hold the hose - might be interesting to the rest of us

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